We guide you

through the successful transition from environmentally hazardous to natural refrigerants


For a cleaner tomorrow

We support industrial companies, grocery store chains, technical consultants and installation companies in the migration process towards environmental friendly refrigeration and cooling. 

The refrigeration and cooling industry is facing a huge challenge to cope with the new EU directive, which came into force in 2015 along with a series of tax rules penalizing the use of HFC refrigerants.

Our 15+ years experience of introducing cooling systems with natural carbon dioxide-based refrigerants gives us the holistic view needed to introduce the new technology successfully.


Reduce your environmental impact



Migration strategy

A transition to natural refrigerants involves a number of challenges both from a technical and economic perspective. We have the tools and knowledge to guide you through the process without compromising on quality and performance.

Planning support

Planning the transition to natural refrigerants requires a holistic approach and a careful analysis of existing systems and a well-balanced plan for the migration process. During 15 years we have helped customers to be successful in their journey towards sustainable refrigeration solutions.

Pre purchase support

The purchasing phase of the migration project requires good knowledge of the market and available resources both in terms of machinery and installation ability. Our market expertise is an invaluable resource when you are entering this phase of the project.

Insurance solution

We provide customized insurances solutions for cooling and refrigeration systems. Increase your confidence and reduce your vulnerability to unexpected disruptions. Visit frigsurance.com

Training for technicians

Prepare your technical staff for a smooth transition to natural refrigerants. Visit co2academy.com