Thanks to the new F-gas Regulation, the EU’s F-gas emissions will be cut by two-thirds by 2030 compared with 2014 levels. Though ambitious, this reduction is achievable at relatively low cost because climate friendly alternatives are readily available for many of the products and equipment in which F-gases are commonly used today.

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Stig-Göran Lind, CEO

Cell: +46 70 598 98 98,  mail: stiggoran@frigonatural.com

Stig-Göran Lind

Mr Lind has more than 30 years experience in the cooling and refrigeration sector wich has given him a broad and extensive experience spanning from hands-on installation, Product Management to international Sales and Business Management.
Stig-Göran started his first company, Friginor, in 1984.  Friginor focused on sales and installation of cooling systems for supermarkets and industrial companies. In 2000, Lind started with a team of  engineers to investigate the possibility of using carbon dioxide as a commercially viable refrigerants and in the following years the first cooling units in the world with CO2 / R744 as a refrigerant were installed.

 With that experience in the trunk, Stig-Göran started the company Green & Cool, who developed and marketed their own carbon dioxide based refrigeration units. Green & Cool product line has won numerous international awards and is now established as one of the market's leading brands. Many international companies, including Nestle, Tesco and BP use Green & Cool systems in their facilities. Stig-Göran's new mission is to provide independent  industry leading expertise and advice through his new company Frigo Natural AB.